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Texas Local Cheeses

Texas Local Cheeses

by The Common Market Texas

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Our local cheesemakers are dedicated to crafting all natural, high quality, healthy cheese using traditional methods and no artificial flavors, preservatives or coloring. They believe in making products that reflect the values of their community and to share with their customers the importance of using real ingredients. Their dairies support local small scale family dairy farms by paying premium prices for quality organically produced milk. The high butterfat content of this milk produces rich and creamy cheeses which are aged to perfection in an underground cheese cave.

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About The Common Market Texas

The Common Market Texas' mission is to connect communities with good food from sustainable family farms. We strive to improve food security, farm viability, and community and ecological health. Our vision is to build local food systems that generate health and wealth of rural and urban Texas communities alike. We are excited to begin connecting Texas schools to sustainably grown food.

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