R3 Bag

by R3 Rescue Recycle Reuse

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R3 bags are a unique product made from re-used coffee bags, each bag is an original, no two bags a like. And after they have finished carrying your groceries for their useful life, they can be returned to the earth and will compost naturally in your garden.  If you’re looking to do something positive for the earth, why not sell R3 bags in your next fundraiser?

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About R3 Rescue Recycle Reuse

Our Vision Rescue Recycle Reuse, R3 is an effort to address the ecological issues surrounding plastic bags while raising awareness and funding research for Alzheimer’s. Our network at R3 includes the coffee industry, manufactures local to our chapters, consumer market places, and the consumers who are given the opportunity to personally contribute in making a positive change for our environment and our health. R3 supports the environment by rescuing coffee bean sacks, created for a single purpose, and recycling them with the help of USA manufactures into a reusable product that can help eliminate plastic bags of many types. Proceeds from the sale of these bags supports Alzheimer’s, our environment and the countries from where these bags are created, doing it one bag at a time. Our Mission Rescue Recycle Reuse has created a consumer bag from a recycled environmentally sustainable solution that contributes to ecological and personal health

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