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Clay Mask and Spa Kit

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Clay Mask and Spa Kit

by Truly-Life Eco Gifts

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Make time to enjoy your Clay Mask and Spa Kit from the comfort of your home. Relaxing in your own home is the best place to really let go of all your stress. Bentonite clay has been used throughout history to help rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals. After using the clay mask the lavender soap reveals the results. Lavender bath salt adds a soothing magnesium element to a warm bath. Finishing the spa experiences is the lavender lotion. The Clay and Mask Spa Kit comes in a black box with ribbon and detailed step-by-step instructions to follow. This luxurious kit is our most popular gift for Mother’s Day and Weddings. INGREDIENTS: Bentonite clay, crushed oatmeal, Lavender Soap 1/2 bar, Lavender Bath Salt, Lavender Heart Lotion.

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Just five miles south of the White House the tiny company Truly-Life is the ultimate urban garden. Owner Mellenie and partner Andy grow loofahs, herbs, and flowers which are used in their eco friendly skin care products. Packaging is biodegradable and ingredients are locally sourced, if not right outside the window.

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