Kelley's Canyon Orchard

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Our Story

Established in 1908 by John Steele Gourley, the orchard location 
in the Snake River Canyon north of Filer was selected for its unique conditions. The canyon rocks provide continued warmth after sunset while the river helps stabilize temperature fluctuations. Trees were then selected based on their viable fruit production and ability to adapt to the area. John’s grandson, Richard Kelley, bought the orchard that now operates 
as Kelley’s Canyon Orchard. Today Richard’s wife Caryn and daughters Gretchen and Robin cultivate more than 80 acres of orchard property that produces cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, nectarines, plums, and apples with an additional 10 acres dedicated as a garden.  The orchard has been a family affair for four — now going on five — generations. Together the family peddles fruit in Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Boise, and Reno; thus, furthering the direct-to-consumer marketing approach. Throughout our collective history, we have many stories of repeat customers 
and generations of families visiting the orchards in the canyon. We enjoy bringing the bounty of the orchard to people who love the freshness of good produce.